Lifewave nanotechnology patches

How do LifeWave patches work?

How do LifeWave Phototherapy Patches Work ? Your body emits heat in the form of infrared light. Using a patented, proprietary form of phototherapy, LifeWave patches are designed to trap this infrared light when placed on the body, which causes them to reflect particular wavelengths of light depending on the patch .

Is LifeWave legitimate?

Legit Company With Good Reputation Compared to other MLM companies, LifeWave is still new to the industry; however, it’s recognized as one of the Fastest Growing Private Companies from 2009 to 2011 by Inc. 5000. It’s also one of the brands that most athletes trust.

Are LifeWave patches FDA approved?


How do you use the LifeWave x39 patch?

Place one LifeWave X39 ™ patch on the body, use one of the locations shown below. Apply the patch to clean, dry skin in the morning. Patches may be worn for up to 12 hours before discarding. Keep well hydrated while using this product.

Is LifeWave a pyramid scheme?

Is LifeWave a pyramid scheme ? No, LifeWave is not a pyramid scheme . It’s possible for distributors to earn money from selling LifeWave’s products and earn a commission. Technically, you don’t need to recruit other people into the company to earn money.

Do stem cell patches work?

The patches are intended to physically support the damaged heart muscle and help it pump more efficiently. Chemicals are also released that stimulate the heart cells to repair and regenerate. Lab tests show that the patches start to beat after three days and start to mimic mature heart tissue within one month.

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How long can you wear x39 patch?

12 hours

How does x39 patch work?

Using our proprietary and patented form of phototherapy, X39 elevates the peptide GHK-Cu. This is a naturally occurring peptide in your body that declines significantly with age. Perhaps even more remarkably, GHK-Cu resets the genes in the body to a younger healthier state.

What are stem cell patches?

The patches are grown in a lab and could one day provide a way to help repair damaged hearts. Each patch consists of a thumb-sized piece of heart tissue (measuring 3 centimetres by 2 centimetres) contain up to 50 million human stem cells , programmed to turn into working heart muscle cells that beat.

Who is David Schmidt LifeWave?

David Schmidt is the Founder and CEO of LifeWave , a wellness company focused on non-pharmaceutical approaches to helping customers improve their quality of life. Magazine’s list of fastest-growing companies. The CEO’s background encompasses more than 30 years of experience in business and product development.

What are the negative effects of stem cell therapy?

Stem Cell or Bone Marrow Transplant Side Effects Mouth and throat pain . Mucositis (inflammation or sores in the mouth) is a short-term side effect that can happen with chemo and radiation. Nausea and vomiting. Infection . Bleeding and transfusions. Interstitial pneumonitis and other lung problems. Graft-versus-host disease. Hepatic veno-occlusive disease (VOD) Graft failure.

What are the three types of stem cells?

Types of Stem Cells Embryonic stem cells . Tissue-specific stem cells. Mesenchymal stem cells. Induced pluripotent stem cells .

What do stem cells do?

Stem cells are the body’s raw materials — cells from which all other cells with specialized functions are generated. Under the right conditions in the body or a laboratory, stem cells divide to form more cells called daughter cells . No other cell in the body has the natural ability to generate new cell types.