Valerie thomas inventions

What was Valerie Thomas important contribution?

Valerie Thomas is an African American scientist and inventor best known for her patented illusion transmitter and contributions to NASA research.

Where did Valerie Thomas work?

Thomas continued to work for NASA until her retirement in 1995, serving in such positions as Space Physics Analysis Network (SPAN) project manager and most recently associate chief of the Space Science Data Operations Office.

Where did Valerie Thomas go to college?

Государственный университет Морган

When was Valerie Thomas born and died?

Born in Kent on Jun 1945 . Valerie Thomas passed away on 9 Dec 1991 in Henley on Thomas, England.

What is an illusion transmitter used for?

1980 – Illusion Transmitter for transmitting 3D optical illusions developed. The “ Illusion Transmitter ” is basically a device that would simulate a real-time, 3-dimensional viewing of an object through optical illusions with parabolic mirrors.

How old is Valerie Thomas?

77 years (February 8, 1943)

What high school did Valerie Thomas go to?

Morgan State University

Where is Valerie Thomas from?

Maryland, United States

When did Valerie Thomas retire?

August 1995

When was Valerie Thomas born?

February 8, 1943 (age 77 years)