Maria telkes inventions

What did Maria Telkes invent?

A biophysicist by training, Maria Telkes began her work with solar energy as part of the Solar Energy Conversion Project at MIT in 1939. During World War II, she invented a solar distiller that vaporized seawater and then recondensed it into drinkable water.

What did Maria Telkes contribute to solar technology and when did she do this?

Mária Telkes , (born December 12, 1900, Budapest, Austria-Hungary [now in Hungary]—died December 2, 1995, Budapest), Hungarian-born American physical chemist and biophysicist best known for her invention of the solar distiller and the first solar -powered heating system designed for residences.

How many years did Maria Telkes spend researching solar energy?

She worked there for 12 years under Dr. George Crile. In a series of experiments they invented a photoelectric mechanism capable of recording brain waves.

When did Maria Telkes die?

Where did Maria Telkes go to school?

Eötvös Loránd University 1920

When was Maria Telkes born?

December 12, 1900

Where was Maria Telkes born?

Budapest, Hungary