Makey makey inventions

What can you make with a Makey Makey?

Start out easy with a banana piano. Then create game controllers, invent musical instruments, make voting machines, and light up paper circuits. Connect Makey Makey to the world of things around you , and the possibilities are endless!

Who invented the Makey Makey?

Jay Silver

How does Makey Makey work?

Makey Makey Classic works through opening and closing circuits, just like any other button. Instead of the circuit being closed underneath your keyboard, the circuit is closed through the conductive objects you connect with alligator clips like your hand or your lunch or some tinfoil.

What age is Makey Makey for?

Age Recommendation Makey Makey states their products are for ages 6 to infinity. I believe, with adult supervision, the Makey Makey is accessible to a much younger age range. Once set up it may even make playing on a computer easier and more accessible for a preschooler.

How do you make a homemade Makey controller?

Preparation Connect the MaKey MaKey to the USB of your computer. Connect alligator clips to the four arrow keys as well as the space bar on the Makey Makey board. Connect the Earth cable to the metal clip on the clip board . Leave the other ends of the alligator cables loose so people can connect to them.

Can you use Makey Makey with IPAD?

It means schools with iPads can now use Makey Makey ! Since there are a lot of adapters on the market, we suggest buying one to test before getting a class set, but we can ‘t wait to see what kids create now that they can use their Makey Makey on a mobile device!

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How do you use Makey Makey on scratch?

Makey Makey To make Makey Makey work with Scratch , plug in the USB to a computer and create a Scratch program normally. Then, connect one of the alligator clips to Earth at the bottom of the Makey Makey board and touch the metal at the other end of the alligator clip with a finger.

How do you make a banana Makey piano?

Connect MaKey MaKey to bananas . If you want bananas become your piano keys you simply connect them to your MaKey MaKey with the help of alligator clips. On the front side of MaKey MaKey you find four arrows, space and click. Connect each of them to a banana . Now you can play a melody with your banana piano .

Is MaKey Makey safe?

Makey Makey is very safe , the only safety we would need is for the students to stand a few feet away so no one gets tangled in wires.