Jetsons inventions that came true

What from the Jetsons has come true?

From interactive newspapers to video chatting, here are some of the inventions from The Jetsons that are a part of our world today. Flying cars. Image credit: Jetsons / Aeromobil. Jetpacks. Image credit: Jetsons / Aquaxflyer. Robotic help. Holograms. 3-D printed food. Drones. Smart shoes. Smartwatches.

What year was the Jetsons based off of?


How the Jetsons predicted the future?

As seen in The Jetsons episode Space Camp, beds of the future come equipped with alarm clocks built into the bedposts. Not only that, but these are the talking alarm clocks that, in a voice of a prim and proper British butler, politely ask you to wake up for work before blaring a bugle right into your ear.

What did the Jetsons eat?

The Jetsons had the option of eating food pills, little capsules that somehow satisfied all their nutritional needs and cravings.

Did the Jetsons live in 2020?

The cartoon itself never states the specific year, though characters often refer to living “in the 21st century.” However, promotional materials and articles at the time explained that the Jetsons were living exactly 100 years into the future.

Is the Jetsons set in 2020?

Though “The Jetsons ” never specified exactly what year in the future the show took place, original press materials said it was set in 2062—a century in the future. It was the network’s first show to air in color, though only viewers in a few cities could actually see it in color.

Why did the Jetsons get Cancelled?

THE JETSONS WAS CANCELED BECAUSE OF “LACK OF COLOR.” In 1962, less than three percent of American homes had a color TV set, but The Jetsons was broadcast in color—ABC’s first show to air that way.

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Did the Jetsons have a cat?

As best as I can tell, the Jetsons ‘ cat never had a name. He wasn’t even referred to in the ‘ Jetsons End Title Theme’ because, unlike “The Flintstones,” the closing theme had no lyrics. Here’s a frame grab from the ending you all know so well with the little kitten. An atypical Hanna-Barbera cat design.

What was George Jetson’s dog’s name?


Why were the Jetsons in the sky?

They live in the sky by choice, either because they need to leave room for factories or parks, or for other reasons, but now that we have two screen shots showing that the ground is a pleasant environment and one they visit and even play in regularly, there’s no indication anything keeps them from living on the ground.

Will there be a Jetsons movie?

Back in August 2017, ABC ordered a live-action adaptation of the classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon The Jetsons from executive producer Robert Zemeckis. Janetti will executive produce this reboot of The Jetsons along with the above-mentioned Robert Zemeckis, and Jack Rapke (Welcome to Marwen, What Lies Beneath).

What city did the Jetsons live in?

Orbit City

Do the Jetsons live in space?

One of the most common misconceptions about The Jetsons is that the cartoon never shows the ground beneath Orbit City. The Jetson family lives in the Skypad Apartments. George works at Spacely Space Sprockets. Both cylindrical buildings project into the sky like birdhouses on long poles.

What is a Jetson car?

There has been talk about flying cars ever since the 1960s television cartoon, The Jetsons . The ConvAirCar, a two-seat car with detachable wings and tail, was aimed at mainstream consumers. It actually completed 66 test flights by the time the company lost its appetite for the venture.