Inventions of the 1940s timeline

What technology was available in the 1940s?

New technologies such as radar , the jet engine , helicopters, and electronic computers all were wartime innovations. With the creation of the atomic bomb , American scientists influenced the political and cultural atmosphere of the rest of the century and beyond.

What food was invented in the 1940s?

Those are most of the foods invented in the 1940s . Seedless Watermelon. Jolly Ranchers. Whopper. Instant Pudding. Loco-Moco.

What computer was invented in 1940?


What was popular in the 1940’s?

Much of popular culture was entrenched in anti-German and anti-Japanese sentiment. This is to expected when you are fighting a war against someone. Still, the ’40s brought us Jeep, the Slinky, Velcro, Tupperware AND Frisbee. And all of the Beatles were born in the ’40s.

What were three items invented in the 1940s?

Aug 20, 1940 . Color Television. Peter Goldmark invents modern color television system. Apr 23, 1941. Aerosol Spray Cans. Mar 11, 1943. Slinky. Jun 26, 1943. Silly Putty. Aug 31, 1943. Aqualung. Jun 16, 1944. Kidney Dialysis Machine. Jul 8, 1948. Frisbee. Oct 30, 1948. Jukebox.

What sports were popular in the 1940s?

Sports of the 1940s. In the 1940s, they did have a lot of sports as they had today, but they were different in many ways. World War II and its Impact With Our Culture. While World War II was going on in the east, we were sending over men to help stop Hitler. Green Light Letter. Basketball . Baseball . Soccer . NASCAR . Boxing .

What was the 1940s era called?

the war years

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What was the most popular toy in 1940?

Top 10 toys of the 1940’s Top 10 Toys. hula hoops. silly puddy. Legos . Slinkies. Gabrielle Shultz. Mia Landez.

What event happened in 1940?

1940s Winston Churchill Becomes British Prime Minister. Battle of Britain . Four Freedoms. Lend-Lease Act. “Final Solution” for Jews. U.S. Interns Japanese-Americans. Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Casablanca Conference. D-Day. Battle of the Bulge. Roosevelt Dies – Harry Truman President. Nuremberg Trials. X-1 Breaks Sound Barrier.

Who invented the first computer in 1940?

Eniac Computer The first substantial computer was the giant ENIAC machine by John W. Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert at the University of Pennsylvania. ENIAC (Electrical Numerical Integrator and Calculator) used a word of 10 decimal digits instead of binary ones like previous automated calculators/ computers .

What was the very first computer?


Did computers exist in the 60s?

Computers using IC chips began to appear in the early 1960s . IBM first used ICs in computers for the logic of the System/360 Model 85 shipped in 1969 and then made extensive use of ICs in its System/370 which began shipment in 1971. The integrated circuit enabled the development of much smaller computers .

How much did a hamburger cost in 1940?

18. Hamburger meat: There’s nothing like a tender, juicy hamburger . 1940 consumers paid 20 cents per pound of ground beef , versus 2020’s price of approximately $4.17 per pound. Adjusted for inflation, shoppers of yore only paid today’s $3.70.

What candy was invented in 1940?

York Peppermint Patties – A refreshing coin-shaped candy featuring a dark chocolate coating over a minty filling, York Peppermint Patties debuted in 1940 . Pre-dating the similar entry on this list, Junior Mints, by about nine years, these are now one of the oldest mint candies around.