Inventions in 1998

What was discovered in 1998?

Dark Energy. The discovery in 1998 that the Universe is actually speeding up its expansion was a total shock to astronomers. It just seems so counter-intuitive, so against common sense.

What was made in 1998?

Popular Culture 1998 Armageddon. Titanic. Saving Private Ryan. Godzilla. There’s Something About Mary. A Bug’s Life. Deep Impact. Mulan.

What was invented in 1988?

1988 – Digital cellular phones were invented . PCS systems use a different radio frequency, the 1.9 GHz band, than cellular phones and generally use all-digital technology for transmission and reception.

What was invented in the year 1990?

1990 was an important year in the Internet’s early history. In the fall of 1990 , Tim Berners-Lee created the first web server and the foundation for the World Wide Web. Test operations began around December 20 and it was released outside CERN the following year .

What happened 1998 UK?

26 December – Great Boxing Day Storm: severe gale-force winds hit Ireland, southern Scotland and northern England . Roads, railways and electricity are disrupted. 29 December – Killing of British tourists in Yemen: three British tourists are among those shot during a gun battle to free them from kidnappers in Yemen.

What was invented in 1992?

Technology Windows 3.1 released by Microsoft. Microsoft Works released by Microsoft. AT & T release video telephone for $1,499. The first Nicotene patch is introduced to help stop smoking. Space Shuttle Endeavour successful maiden voyage.

Who was famous in 1998?

Famous People Born In 1998 XXXTentacion. 23rd January, American. Jaden Smith. 8th July, American. Kylian Mbappé 20th December, French. Footballer. Tanner Buchanan. 8th December, American. Actor & model. Shawn Mendes. 8th August, Canadian. Singer & Songwriter. Elle Fanning. 9th April, American. Jayson Tatum. 3rd March, American. Conan Gray. 5th December, American.

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What major events happened in 1999?

Timeline of the 90s, 1999 President Clinton is Acquitted. NATO Begins Bombing Yugoslavia. Columbine Tragedy. Earthquake in Turkey Kills 13,000. Women’s Soccer Team Wins World Cup. NASA loses two Mars bound space probes. Egypt Air crashes off the coast of Nantucket. World Trade Organization protests in Seattle.

What happened in 1999 in the UK?

17 April – A bomb explodes in Brixton, South London, and injures 45 people. 30 April – A third bomb in London explodes in the Admiral Duncan pub, in Old Compton Street, Soho, London – the centre of the London gay scene – killing two people (including a pregnant woman) and injuring over thirty.

What big event happened in 1988?

Three decades ago, the Winter Olympics took place in Calgary and the Summer Olympics were held in Seoul, candidates Michael Dukakis and George Bush competed for the 1988 U.S. presidential election, the Soviet Union withdrew its troops from Afghanistan, NASA’s Space Shuttle program resumed launches following the 1986

What was cool in 1988?

Popular Culture 1988 Rain Man. Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Big. Twins . Crocodile Dundee II. Die Hard. The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! Beetlejuice.

Who was born in 1988?

Celebrities born in 1988 Rihanna . Actress | Battleship. Adele . Soundtrack | Skyfall. Michael Cera. Actor | Superbad. Kevin McHale. Actor | Glee. Julianne Hough. Actress | Rock of Ages. Nikki Reed. Actress | Thirteen. Brenda Song. Actress | The Social Network. Hayley Williams. Soundtrack | Twilight.

What world events happened in 1990?

9 things that happened in 1990 Nelson Mandela was released from prison. Margaret Thatcher resigned as Prime Minister. Nessun Dorma, Gazza crying and the World Cup. Twin Peaks / Beverly Hills 90210 / The Fresh Prince of Bel Air were first on TV. The Milli Vanilli lip-syncing scandal. Pretty Woman.

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What was invented in 1993?

Pages in category “Products introduced in 1993 ” Action Man ( 1993 –2006 toyline) AlphaSmart. Amstrad Mega PC. Apple Newton. Atari Jaguar.

What was 1990 known for?

From left, clockwise: The Hubble Space Telescope orbits the Earth after it was launched in 1990 ; American F-16s and F-15s fly over burning oil fields in Operation Desert Storm, also known as the 1991 Gulf War; The signing of the Oslo Accords on 13 September 1993; The World Wide Web gains a public face during the start