Battelle inventions

What has Battelle invented?

Battelle scientists developed fuel for the U.S. Navy’s first nuclear-powered submarine, the Nautilus, in 1949. A Battelle scientist designed the process for recording data on compact discs in the 1970s, while other research projects led to the redesign of coins for the United States Treasury.

What do they do at Battelle?

Battelle is solving the world’s most pressing challenges. We conduct research and development, manage laboratories, design and manufacture products, and deliver critical services for our clients – whether you are a multi-national corporation, a small start-up organization or a government agency.

What is Battelle Technology?

Originally focusing on contract research and development work in the areas of metals and material science, Battelle is now an international science and technology enterprise that explores emerging areas of science, develops and commercializes technology , and manages laboratories for customers.

Is Battelle a non profit?

Battelle is a nonprofit charitable trust that gives $8 million to $11 million annually to philanthropic organizations.

How many employees does Battelle have?

3,219 workers

Is Battelle a publicly traded company?

Battelle is a charitable trust organized as a non-profit corporation . The company began its operations in 1929 in Columbus, Ohio.

Is Battelle a good company to work for?

Battelle is a nice company to work for that does a lot for the community and for the country. You can feel really proud to work for this organization. Lower level managers are really good , and the work done throughout the organisation means that there are always new things to learn.