Los Angeles, CA (July 28, 2009)

Dr. Hildegarde Staninger™, Industrial Toxicologist/IH and Doctor of Integrative Medicine for Intergrative Health Systems™, LLC, a leading provider of toxicology services for private, professional and industrial clientele has been awarded the Expression Analysis Grant.  The grant will address specific genetic targeted sequencing involving the mutagenic activity of the human being from exposure to various environmental stress factors, such as, radiation, pollution, pesticides, directed energy, electromagnetic fields, advanced nanomicrobic materials and other work place or environmental global aerosol emission and their pollutants.

This landmark study will be directed by Dr.Hildegarde Staninger™, Primary Investigator and her appointed Fellows under IHS’s Institute of Toxicogenomics and BioEthno Life Science Systems in California.  Integrative Health Systems™, LLC is joined by their Alliance Partnering Members in this study, which include the National Registry of Environmental Professionals, University of Central Florida, Neutricity, LLC, MPS Global, Inc., International Environmental Intelligence Agency and Two Row Wampum, LLC (a Mohawk privately owned company).

About Integrative Health Systems™, LLC

Integrative Health Systems™ provides FIR Radiant Heath Therapy Centers, Private Research & Development, Toxicology and BioEthno Systems Analysis services to the public and private industry.   Its founders have pioneered the field of toxicology through hazardous materials and advanced nanomicrobic identification, which includes their new remote sensing technology involving DNA linguistics and Raman technology called OTTER.

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